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Building a successful product takes time & care. I work alongside my clients to build a relationship & create something together which goes above & beyond their expectations.

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Hi, I’m Muiteer.

I am glad to have met you in the sea of people. My name is Muiteer. I am an independent designer. I am is also a science and technology lovers. muiteer.com is my personal website domain founded in January 2013. In here I will publish some of my latest trends. June 2016 from after leaving Shanghai Ogilvy & Mather became an independent designer, but also different Shanghai MZUN Network Technology Co., Ltd. Founder, attention to brand logo design, graphic design – mobile – interactive web building and other more creative work. Based on design and technology, it has continued to work hard to overcome the new media field of traditional graphic design. I’m available now to take one more projects. Please feel free to get in touch with me. Let’s make something professional and fun.

What I do

Package Design

Book Binding Design

Visual Identity System Design

User Interface Design

User Experience

Website/H5 Design & Development

Contact with Me

Add. № 1358, Xizha Highway, Xidu Street, Fengxian District, Shanghai, P.R. China

Email. mail@muiteer.com

Mob. +86 130-6262-6262

QQ. 613611111

P.C. 201401

My Clients

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