“Yes! Go” Unmanned Shared Space Product Release Conference

Client: China Magnificent Family (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Designer: Muiteer

Date: December 12, 2017

“Yes! Go” is under CMF (China Magnificent Family (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.) company. It’s self-service supermarket toward to school, gas station, hospital, hotel, airfield, business district etc.

As a brand new release, visual design has become the brand’s top priority, which is not only a product promotion, but also a lot of competing products can quickly enter the memory of consumers a challenge. Among them, the unique color memory, powerful style memory, are a powerful brand promotion. The crowded market is almost saturated, but I believe the brand is unique and the unique magnification of the brand is strong, not just in design but everywhere.

Wall Illustration Design (Partial)

Banner Design (Partial)

Admission Card Design (Partial)

Roll Up Banner Design (Partial)

Package Design

Live Photo

Live Photo

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